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Noorla Yo-Long literally translated means a house, a cave in the language of the Boandik Aboriginal people who traditionally lived in these places. Noorla Yo-Long is more than just the name of the facility. It's an approach to education, recreation and self discovery that has assisted many people experience success within adventure-based learning.

Noorla Yo-Long's greatest feature is its outdoor adventure development courses that have been created to assist individuals and groups to develop personal life skills in the area of leadership, self-esteem, effective decision making when problem solving, lateral thinking and the creation of an overall team environment.

The tools we use to provide these life skills include:

  • Over 40 ground based obstacles and low initiatives
  • High ropes course situated amongst pines trees
  • 20 metre abseiling tower

The success of our programs is based on the philosophy that our programs are only as good as the facilitator, so we pride ourselves in providing ongoing quality staff training programs and the employment of a program coordinator who focuses on skill development.

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