Noorla Yo-Long adventure programs are based around the practical application of life skills. We use a variety of activities as tools to provide opportunities for people to develop life skills. Some of these activities include: Co-operative team building games, trust activities, initiative problems, a low and high ropes challenge course, and a 20 metre abseiling tower.

Noorla Yo-LongIn consultation with Noorla Yo-Long staff, programs are custom designed for educational/school groups, corporate groups, family groups, community groups and special needs groups ensuring that needs and goals are met. Our program design is focused around an atmosphere that is fun, supportive and challenging. Our programs challenge people to go beyond their perceived boundaries, to work with others, to problem solve and experience success individually and a team.



Click here for an example of a customised programme (pdf 133kb)

One Day Programme - A is for Attitude Team Building Skills (pdf 120kb)

Much of the outdoor adventure program approach to education and recreation is found in the positive outcomes that result from people simply trying the various activities we present. There are, however, several important learning goals which every Noorla Yo-Long program aims to achieve.

  • Provide awareness of crime reduction issues amongst youth participants
  • Increase participants sense of self esteem and confidence
  • Increase effective team skills including communication, supporting and trusting others
  • Value differences within a group
  • Experience/ celebrate success and have fun!

'Challenge by Choice' offers you:

  • The chance to try potentially difficult and/or frightening challenges in an atmosphere of care, support and safety
  • The opportunity to 'back off' when performance pressures or self-doubt become too strong, knowing that an opportunity for the future attempt will always be available
  • The chance to try difficult tasks, recognising that the attempt is more significant than performance result.

For fee costs and required forms, please visit our Resources section.

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